ISP amping up patrols during distracted driving awareness month

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With April being distracted driving awareness month, ISP is putting the pressure on drivers and holding them accountable. Emily Long got a taste of that pressure over the weekend.

 “I got a warning,” said Long. “I was a little distracted, I had a bunch of kids in my car.”

 Long says some drivers her age don’t realize the power they have driving a vehicle.

“You have to take a test, you have to work for it,” Long added. “I think nowadays it’s really hard because many people don’t see it as a privilege, they see it as a right.”

Driving instructor Chuck Fisher says distractions don’t always involve a cell phone.

“A lot people just automatically assume it’s just cell phones,” said Fisher. “There’s other distractions in the car such as changing the radio station, not knowing where the windshield wipers are to turn those on, other passengers in the car, things outside of the vehicle.”

Fisher has been an instructor for over 20 years. He says as technology has evolved, so has his teaching.

“We continue to talk about the other devices in the car,” said Fisher. “But as years have gone by and cell phones have gotten popular, we’ve had to provide more information about cell phones.”

Fisher says parents play a major role as well.

“We also want parents to set a good example when their children is with them,” added Fisher. “If they’ve been seeing their parent on their cell phone that’s going to carry on to them.”

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