ISU hosts its 5th Adaptapalooza

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On Wednesday, Illinois State University held its Annual Adaptapalooza, an event once created by the therapeutic recreation students at Illinois State University.

The goal is to highlight adaptive sports for people who have physical disabilities, but you don’t have to have one to participate.

“You think that it’s hard for people with disabilites to have to be able to play sports like this, but it’s actually a lot more difficult than being able to play without a disability,” said Senior Therapeutic Recreation student, Danielle Krizman.

Five years ago therapeutic recreation students tried to come up with a way to show their colleagues that those dealing with disabilites are still able to participate in sports.

“This event is not to have students find out what its like to have a disability,” said Sherri Hildebrand, Instructional Assistant Professor for the School of Kinesiology and Recreation. “You can’t really replicate that. It’s to give them an appreciation of the abilites a person really has even though they may have something that is different than the typical population.”

Students participate in activites like wheel chair basketball, seated volleyball, blind fold rock climbing and goal ball.

Organizers say the importance of having an event like this is to show that everyone can be included regardless of their situation.

“In our preofession, we work with a lot of disabilities,” said Skylar Blasz, Senior Therapeutic Recreation student. “Not even just physical, we work with everything so we are a very broad major so its just important for everything, everyone to be included.”

Leaders say they want to do more to expand the program in the coming years and they’re hoping to add community members in the future.

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