A college student from the Peoria area is making some noise in the East Bluff… by teaching kids how to play the drums.

One local student is giving up his weekdays teaching kids how to drum. Kids in Peoria’s East Bluff can come learn how to play the drums from a future teacher.

Riley Bloom is studying secondary education at ISU. He’s spending the summer in Peoria teaching K-8 at Lincoln Elementary. His free lessons are part of his internship with STEP UP, which immerses future teachers into low-income schools in the community. Bloom says he’s excited to bring some positivity to the area.

“I think having an outlet and having something they can turn to – whether it be music or sports or some kind of recreational activity – is just great,” Bloom said.

He says teaching kids how to play the drums gives them an important outlet.

“Having an outlet for expression is huge, for anyone,” Bloom said, “Especially if they’re dealing with a lot of trauma or adversity or challenges in life.”

His drumming lessons are at the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Office tomorrow, June 20, and June 24-27 from 2-4 p.m.