NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — On Friday, students and community members were protesting at Illinois State University in the Bone Student Center.

In a press release ahead of the protest, the group said Democrats are showing a lack of support for Palestine.

Participants of the protest showed their opposition via a die-in by lying down on the floor holding signs. One demonstrator also continuously read a speech and read the names of some deceased children

“Israel is not a safe haven for anybody, even Jewish people,” said the demonstrator. “The liberation of Palestine is the liberation of all.”

The protest was outside of The McLean Democrats Obama Legacy Dinner which was also in the student center. US Representative Eric Sorensen attended the dinner after taking a tour of ISU. He said he appreciates that young people are taking an interest in what’s going on overseas.

“I really appreciate when people are expressing their interest, when people call up our office and we talk to them and people say, ‘These are the things that are important to me,'” he said. “These are things that should continue to happen because peaceful demonstrations, peaceful conversations, this is how we’re going to move forward.”

Sorensen also said there is a need for a solution that will bring long-term peace.