PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A Jewish Synagogue in Peoria reached out to WMBD about a recent vandalism to their place of worship.

Anshai Emeth‘s President tells us his congregation had about a dozen windows smashed between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

“A vandal or vandals used bricks and rocks to break a lot of windows. Tried to break one door into our building,” said Anshai Emeth President Steven Marx.

Marx says Peoria Police have been canvassing nearby neighborhoods and are looking for suspects. The building did not have active video cameras to catch anyone, but Marx is hoping nearby homes caught something on camera that could lead to the arrests of the vandal(s).

The part of the building that was damaged is where the Peoria Hebrew Day School is located.

“At this point it’s a lot of shock, disappointment. As far as we can tell, it’s just vandalism. There were no markings, nobody went inside the building. There was no vandalism inside the building,” Marx said.

Marx says as of now, they don’t believe these were anti-Semitic acts.

“It just seems to be simple vandalism, but the target of course, makes you wonder,” Marx said. “We’ve had smaller things, things like maybe someone shot a BB pellet, but nothing remotely like this.”

Marx says an insurance adjuster was on scene Thursday looking at the damage.

Marx says if you have any information on this vandalism, please reach out to the Peoria Police Department with any information.

You can call them at (309) 673-4521.

Peoria Police spokesperson Amy Dotson says no arrests have been made as of Thursday afternoon.