The Director of the Peoria Zoo, Yvonne Strode, came to talk with our anchors about the upcoming Howl-Zoo-Ween event. She also updated us on the fun stuff happening at the Peoria Zoo and brought in a creepy, little friend to match this season of scares.

Yvonne brought in Madonna, the blonde tarantula, live on the show. Check out the video if you would like to see it! She also gave us a couple of fun facts about the arachnid. They are the perfect animal for the season, but they also are really great for the environment. These guys eat lots of bugs. Blonde tarantulas do have a little bit of venom, but it’s primarily effective on little crickets— rather than people. The blonde tarantula will not do much harm unless someone is allergic to her venom. Madonna is pretty good at letting people know when to back off. These tarantulas can turn around and flick their hairs at you. The hairs can be pretty irritating, and even leave a couple of red marks on a person’s skin, but ultimately they will not do much damage. She can jump at you, though. A jump scare from a tarantula does sound a bit frightening! At least our anchor, Kyreon Lee, agrees.

If you are interested in seeing the zoo animals up close and in person, then come by for the giraffe feedings. The giraffe feedings will still be taking place each weekend at the Peoria Zoo.

The Peoria Zoo is celebrating this spooky Halloween season with its Howl-Zoo-Ween event. Members get in free. This includes members of the Wild Life Prairie Park, the Riverfront Museum, and the Peoria Playhouse. So, the Peoria Zoo is hoping to see a big turnout!

The Howl-Zoo-Ween event will be happening at the Peoria Zoo on October 14th and October 15th from 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM.

There will also be a member-exclusive Howl-Zoo-Ween event on October 13th.

Join all the fun. There will be a ton of candy and a bounce house. The Peoria Zoo is already setting up the Scary Area, too, for the people who want some extra scares in their zoo visit.

Tickets are on sale now for $8. (Children under 1 get in for free!) You can grab these tickets online or at the zoo in person. For more information, check out the Peoria Zoo website.

The Peoria Zoo is open all year long!
Even if the Halloween season is not your cup of tea— you can still come by any time.

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