JOLT warns community about potentially deadly drug from North street area

Local News

PEORIA, Ill– Local nonprofit JOLT Harm Reduction identified a batch of poisoned heroin from the North Street area of Peoria.

The program director of JOLT Chris Schaffner says the heroin tested positive for several drugs including fentanyl, amphetamines and bath salts.

Just ingesting those by themselves can cause enough problems, but when when you start mixing them with other drugs it get really dangerous and potentially fatal.

Chris Schaffner Program Director of JOLT Harm Reduction

Chris says the combination of drugs include both stimulants and depressants. The possible effects of the drug include sleep deprivation, psychosis and respiratory failure.

JOLT offers services to help prevent overdosing, including fentanyl test strips and overdose rescue kits with narcan. To find more information, visit their website.

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