Jon Buckley Memorial Garden hosts walk, to remember lost loved ones

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PEORIA, Ill. — Losing a loved one can be very hard to cope with. On Sunday people of Peoria gathered at the Jon Buckley Memorial Garden to remember those they have lost.

“We need that type of thing just to remember our loved ones, you know other people might forget about them but we can’t.” Said founder of the memorial Yolanda Wallace.

The Remembrance Ceremony started at the Gateway building where guest speakers Harvey Barnett, Jodi Hoos, and Chris McCall got a chance to comment on the memorial.

The walk then started there and ended at the heart-shaped memorial garden.

“Getting together with other survivors is very therapeutic, so is walking and planting.” Said Wallace

Survivors were then given the opportunity to plant a flower in honor of their loved ones.

“They symbolize remembering our pain and giving us the chance to go on in life, and being around other survivors that we can do that like you can’t just plant a flower without water.” Said Wallace

People are hoping that events like this will help bring awareness and stop the violence in this city.

“I feel like it’s time to take a stance for this to come to an end, it’s just getting way too out of hand and people are hurting and we’re the ones that are left here to have to deal with it.” Said mother of a survivor Rita Burns.

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