Judge denies motion to move trial, allows DNA evidence

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Brendt Christensen’s defense team has been denied the motion to move his trial back to October; that doesn’t mean the judge isn’t willing to listen to what else they come up with in the future.

Monday in court, the defense told the judge their psychiatrist doesn’t have enough time to be ready to testify by April, but they’ve known about that since November.

Prosecutors also say there’s evidence of handprint-shaped bloodstains found in Christensen’s apartment. The defense tried to prove that the DNA evidence is admissible in trial. They asked forensic examiner to speak about how DNA testing works, and what software they use to match the DNA. The defense tried to prove that there could be human error with the software.

The judge finally decided to allow the evidence into the trial before moving to the next motion: the multipurpose K9. That K9 can detect narcotics as well as cadavers.

The prosecution says the K9 was able to identify something in Christensen’s apartment. They say both the handler and dog went through training for this to happen. The defense is trying to prove that the training they went through is not credible. There was not a conclusion today on that motion.

The last topic was about the trial continuation. A member of the defense team said she could only find one psychiatrist who would take on the job, because no one else will touch this case with a ten foot pole. The only psychiatrist they found won’t be ready by April, and she’s known this since November. She told the judge she doesn’t have a good answer for why they’re just now finding out, and she’d ineffectively conveyed this to her colleagues until last week. The judge asked her, “What do you expect we do while we wait for your expert? Paint the house? Watch Netflix?”

The judge did say he’d be willing to listen to another plan if the defense can officer one by Friday, but October is out of the question.

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