PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Tazewell County Judge Stephen Kouri on Tuesday ruled Aaron Rossi’s personal attorney Michael Evans also represented Reditus Labs when he drafted numerous contracts for the company.

Rossi was called to the witness stand but took the Fifth for all questions.

Evans and the court-appointed receiver Adam Silverman were also called to the stand.

Silverman testified Evans worked on eight to 10 contracts that benefitted Reditus.

However, Evans testified he solely represented Rossi and not the company, adding there were “incidental” benefits to Reditus when representing Rossi’s interests.

“I focused on who the primary work was for,” Evans said. “My aim was helping Aaron Rossi, not the company.”

But Judge Kouri was not convinced.

“An attorney-client relationship can be formed by conduct, and that has happened in this case…there was dual representation,” he said.

Rossi’s ex-business partner Dr. James Davie is suing Rossi for allegedly pushing him out of Reditus and using company funds for a lavish lifestyle.

Evans reportedly advised Davie to be bought out for $50,000 with knowledge of incoming lucrative state contracts for COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Cameras were not allowed to film Rossi or Evans on the witness stand.

The parties are due back in court on Dec. 27.