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HANNA CITY, Ill.–The really cold temps outside just don’t affect humans but also our furry friends as well.

S.A.M.S. Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter for strays in Hanna City says the cold can pose many dangers to dogs and cats.

Extremely cold temps can cause frostbite on pets’ paws if they are outside for long enough time.

Dogs should only be outside for short periods of time. People who keep their cats outside should make sure their felines have everything they need to survive the cold.

“Make sure they have non-frozen water so be filling it often or keeping it a little warmer, making sure they have a source of water, keeping food outside. Straw-bedding is really helpful so they have somewhere to stay, somewhere to keep warm,” Patrick Menke, a shift-leader at the shelter said.

Salt and other anti-freeze solutions can hurt your pets’ feet.

Salt usually irritates dogs’ feet so there’s a lot of pet-friendly salts or just washing them off after you take them outside or putting vaseline on their feet will also help,” Menke said.

As a pet owner, make sure you understand your breed. Some animals can take the cold better than others, but the law won’t make exceptions when it comes to cruelty.

For more pet and cold weather safety tips, visit the link.

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