PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Keller Station in Peoria is getting more space, which means more room for small, local businesses in our area.

Keller Station, which is a partnership between the Kim Group and the Peoria Park District, first started working on the project back in 2018. Two new buildings have just finished construction in the southern part of the location on Knoxville.

According to the CEO of The Kim Group, nearly half of the businesses moving into the new buildings are Keller Station businesses that are expanding.

“That’s really great to talk about not only Keller Station’s growth, but Peoria area growth at the same time,” Kim said. “Working with the small businesses and helping them grow not only their businesses, but their brand and their expansion and how they do business is really fulfilling.”

One of those businesses expanding is Indie Gift House. A gift store owned by two Peoria sisters, Megan and Erin Ray, that originally started out of their other business, Hello Headband. Now with double the space, Kim is excited to see how the business will flourish with opportunity.

“We have a lot of those fun, unique gift ideas, thoughtful gift ideas, places, that have just gone out of business,” she said. “There’s not a place where you can go where you can get something that’s intentional and again, thought-filled for that special person in your life and Indie Gift House is filling that void and filling it in an amazing way.”

Megan Ray said she wanted to give customers a city-like shopping experience right here in Peoria. “We wanted something that felt big city, that way people don’t feel like they need to go to Chicago or Saint Louis, she said. “We have fun shopping experiences here in Peoria and we wanted to make sure people were able to stay here in Peoria and support Peoria.”

Indie Gift House offers fun gifts for your friends or family or even yourself. The shop is full of houseplants, candles, baby onesies designed by the owners, baby toys, blankets also designed by the owners, beanies, jewelry and much more.

“The minute you walk in you feel at home, you feel comfortable, even with our disco balls hanging on the ceiling it just gives really good vibes in here,” Ray said.

Ray said she chose the Keller Station because it feels like it is the heart of Peoria. “It’s a good family-friendly area, lots to do out in this area, it’s close to everything, and to me, it really feels like the center of Peoria.”

Ray said with her business growing so fast, she never thought about leaving Peoria. “Peoria is home. That’s where our family is and our friends. We’ve really built a great community here.”

Indie Gift House is having its grand opening Saturday, November 11 at the Keller Station from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Owners Megan and Erin say in the future, they hope to set up an online store for the Indie Gift House. For the Keller Station future, there are still two phases left of the project, including two additional buildings.