Kids learn the true meaning of Christmas with CAKE

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill — Kids at First United Methodist Church celebrated Christmas early this year with CAKE.

Not the dessert, but a play called Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment.

“I learned to give and stuff, generosity give stuff Christmas or not give,” said Actor Luke Easter.

CAKE is all about empowering kids and their families to participate in acts of kindness during the Christmas season.

“It was just a beautiful experiment and the kids really got into it and the performance wasn’t even what it was about it was about getting into the spirit of what Christmas is all about which is acts of kindness,” said Director of Children’s Ministry at First United Methodist Church, Jill Mcniff.

The 36-minute play features plenty of songs and skits centered around helping out the community around you. Leaders say it really helps them get into the spirit of giving.

“I think the kids really focused their attention to what the real meaning of Christmas is which isn’t about them it’s about others and being able to actually go out and purchase coats, and gloves, and food, and hats things for the community,” said Mcniff.

The kids now understand that it doesn’t take a special holiday to be nice to each other.

“You should try and be kind whenever not just on a daily week not even if it’s Christmas or any special occasions you should just be kind whenever,” said Actor Gavin Roofs.

“Kindness isn’t just a Christmas thing it’s a daily thing that you can do every day,” said Actor Andrew Haas.

And it wouldn’t be like a true Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment play without some cake.

“I think I learned the true meaning of Christmas and that it’s not all about cake,” said Actor George Lammey.

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