PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — A former U.S. Representative has made a donation to the Dirksen Congressional Center.

According to a press release from the center, Adam Kinzinger made a $25,000 donation to the center, which has been designated the repository for his public papers and artifacts.

“The Dirksen Congressional Center is a leader in educating the public on the workings of Congress, and they do so in a nonpartisan way,” Kinzinger said. “The institution’s namesake was an effective leader because he knew how to build consensus from both sides of the aisle. With today’s political polarization, institutions like Dirksen and their mission of nonpartisan education are greatly needed. I’m happy to be a part of that mission and hope this donation furthers the goals of the Center.”

Kinzinger was a six-term congressman who stepped down in January. The donation comes from the Friends of Adam Kinzinger fund.

The Dirksen Center is one of the few privately operated, nonpartisan repositories of congressional papers in the country.

“We’re grateful to receive this donation from Congressman Kinzinger as a vote of confidence in our mission,” Dirksen Center Executive Director Tiffany White said. “Congressman Kinzinger’s donation will help strengthen the Dirksen Center’s endowment, allowing us to continue, and expand, our work providing thoughtful, fact-based material to help the public better understand the work of Congress and the people who serve there.”

The Dirksen Center contains 90 years of history from Illinoisans who served in Congress. More information is available on its website.