Knowing the signs of an abusive relationship

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One in three teens have been, will be, or are in an abusive relationship by the time they’re 18.

Of those teens, two out of three won’t tell anyone about their abuse.

Since February is teen dating violence awareness month, the Center for Prevention of Abuse wants to make sure you know the signs, and how to talk to someone if you think they’re in a violent relationship.

“I think it’s very important that we bring an awareness that there is teen dating violence,” says Carol Merna, executive director at the Center for Prevention of Abuse. “We want a safe and healthy environment for young people.”

Here are some signs to look for to see if your child is in an abusive relationship:

  1. Physical
    1. (Hitting, kicking, slapping, bruises, scars, etc.)
  2. Verbal Emotional
    1. (Yelling, threatening, name calling, regularly checking in)
  3. Sexual
    1. (Rape, threatening, refusal to use contraception)
  4. Financial
    1. (Monitoring spending, setting an allowance, harassment at the workplace)
  5. Digital
    1. (Has passwords, pressure to send explicit messages)
  6. Stalking
    1. (Showing up uninvited, tracking on social media

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