GALESBURG, Ill. (WMBD) — Reports of a Knox County Sheriff’s detective calling people about warrants and then asking them to pay a deposit to help remove the warrant are false, the department said Friday.

Sgt Brad Davis of the sheriff’s office, stated “If you receive a call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Davis, telling you that you have a warrant and it can be put on hold if you deposit cash, crypto currency, or any other form of payment, THIS IS A SCAM.”

The release goes on to state that “No law enforcement officer will ever call to inform you that you have a warrant, nor would any law enforcement officer accept payment to stop a warrant.”

Those who think they have been called fraudulently are encouraged to hang up the phone and then reach out to the sheriff’s office by calling (309) 345-3733 or the non-emergency line (309) 343-9151 to confirm that Sergeant Davis is the one making the call.