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Kroger closings causing growing concern about food deserts in the area.

PEORIA IL - The search for solutions to Peoria's food desert issue continues.

With two Kroger stores closing on the city's south side and East Bluff, low income neighborhoods could become food deserts for those that can't get around.

Local community leaders are working to address the situation. Multiple meetings were held throughout Peoria in order to get input and bounce ideas off of people living in those commuities.

Members of the comunity filled the Manual High School library Saturday, to explore ways to prevent a possible food desert.

"Everyone that can do something, they're showing up saying they're willing. Even the residents are saying they'll volunteer for something like a Co-op, or to work with a community garden and food distribution," said one leader.

Some residents are concerned the meetings aren't moving quick enough for the people who are in real risk of not being able to get fresh food.

"We have less than 15 days and the stores are going to be closed. Because, you know,  food is something we have to have everyday.This is not something we do once a month."

A growing concern when the Kroger stores close is that there may not be a grocery store south of Forest Hill. 

Many ideas were brought forward. Some suggested that with the large amount of local churches, they could help with transporting the elderly to stores. But there is still a strong hope that there will be a new source of fresh fruits and vegetables in the neighborhoods in need.


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