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PEORIA, Ill. — Labor Day honors the men and women who make up our country’s workforce.

On Monday, hundreds in Peoria cheered for union members at the 18th annual labor day parade.

“They need to be celebrated, they’re an important part of our country,” said Linda Van Dyke.

It may look like your typical parade with floats, marching bands, and candy, but this event recognizes hundreds of union workers.

“My grandfather, was a bricklayer – a union brick layer, my dad is a union roofer retired, my husband is a boilermaker, my son in law is an electrician,” said Wendy Eppy.

Families and friends of workers often walk in the parade or watch on the sidewalk and cheer for their loved ones as the floats go by.

“I grew up in a union household,” said Eppy.

The legacy of these union workers shows the hard work and dedication they give to our country.

“It’s important to celebrate the people who are working really hard to make American run. But, it’s also very important to keep them strong, to make sure they have an ability to have good wages to support a strong middle class,” said Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs.

It also inspires the next generation, while they catch candy and watch the parade. 10-year-old Carson Myers sees his future.

“They’re like a role model to me,” said Myers.

Though he supports all the workers in the parade, he’s got a favorite.

“Probably the police officers because I wanna be a cop when I grow up,” said Myers.

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