PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Thanksgiving is almost here and people in Central Illinois are getting ready for the holiday by finishing their grocery shopping.

“This is the busiest food holiday of the year, typically this day is rocking,” said Mark Dodds, district store director for Illinois Hy-Vee.

With Thanksgiving just a day away, local shoppers headed to the stores on Wednesday to check off the last items on their grocery lists.

“We’ve been pretty well prepared, but I’m kind of the store guy at my house,” said Ken Snodgrass, Peoria resident. “Getting ready to brine a turkey and getting ready for Thanksgiving. So not a lot, just a little bit of few things.”

Dodds said Hy-Vee has been planning for the Thanksgiving rush for a year to make ensure shelves remain stocked.

“COVID was a challenge for everyone and will continue to be, and supply chain continues to be a challenge, but we’ve gotten ahead of it this year, we’re very confident in where we’re at,” Dodds said.

According to an American Farm Bureau survey, Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 is expected to cost 20 percent more than last year. In 2021, the average cost was $53.31, and this year that number has increased to $64.05.

Dodds said Hy-Vee stores have worked with buyers to help offset costs.

“We’re making sure we’re passing on savings to our customers and we’ve added a lot of items to our low-price lockdown program,” Dodds said.

On Wednesday, what shoppers said was most important is having the opportunity to be surrounded by loved ones this Thanksgiving.

“Just having good conversations, playing games, all that kind of thing. It’s all about the family, that’s why I love it,” Snodgrass said.

Hy-vee will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in more than 90 years. Stores like Kroger will be open on Thanksgiving but will have shortened staff.