PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Almost 30 local agencies set up shop at a Law Enforcement Career Fair at Illinois Central College on Wednesday, showing students interested in criminal justice and law enforcement careers what the job is like.

This is the second year that ICC has put on the event, and criminal justice program coordinator Doug Heuermann believes that the event is important for students and local law enforcement agencies.

“It’s a little tougher now to recruit officers, this helps that recruiting effort, and it gets kids from these junior colleges acclimated to law enforcement, to these professionals and what they do,” he said.

Among the represented agencies included the Peoria Police Department, the Bloomington Police Department, and the Center for Prevention of Abuse.

For Tazewell County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Hastings, the fair is another way for law enforcement to interact with the community.

“It’s just another way for us to get out there and show our face and tell them that we’re here for them and answer any questions,” Hastings said.

Heuermann also said that 80-85 students attended last year’s fair and he hopes for a higher turnout this year.