Taking on disability together, Easterseals and the Limestone community have teamed up to help families and patients build the skills and access the resources they need to live, learn and play.

“There’s a lot of heart behind it, it really touches our family,” said Shanea Williams, Easterseals mother. She adds, “It touches not just our kids it’s the whole community of Limestone.”

Over the past four decades the Limestone Rockets have been helping individuals lift off and reach new milestones. For Shanea’s children, Max and Parker Williams it’s a fresh feeling of security.

“They make sure that no ones gets left out and make sure that if you’re different than anybody else it doesn’t matter,” said Parker Williams.

The Limestone tradition includes a number of fundraisers occurring over the course of two weeks, highlighted by a battle of the sexes competition, where winners serve a pie to the losers. Events the students say they will never forget.

“As I graduate I still want to be a part of Eastereseals, it has been by far the greatest experience that I’ve had while at Limestone,” said Taylor Thomas, Student Body President.

This year’s campaign raised $62,018, but for those involved its about more than just money

“It’s all about the bigger picture,” said Thomas. She adds, “All about spreading awareness to what Easterseals does, giving endless support to all the families.”

Students have raised $942,574 in the past 42 years. If the success continues the class of 2019 will reach the million dollar mark.

“It’s unbelievable seeing kids give back to kids, the hard work that they put in each and every year it’s just amazing,” said Mark Scott of Easterseals. He adds, “You don’t see it anywhere else in America, this is the heartland and this is what America is all about, kids helping kids.”