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Lead found in local elementary schools

NORMAL - More lead is being found in Central Illinois schools.

A new state law now requires schools to test for lead, and six Unit 5 schools are testing positive.

  • Fairview Elementary
  • Colene Hoose Elementary
  • Hudson Elementary
  • Parkside Elementary
  • Sugar Creek Elementary
  • Towanda Elementary

Officials checked sinks and water fountains, and some sinks came back with signs of lead. Unit 5 hired a private company to test their schools, starting with the oldest.

"We have really healthy water, so again, we're very fortunate that we are in the Bloomington-Normal area, and we're very fortunate that we're seeing really low levels," said Unit 5 Superintendent, Mark Daniel. “And even those levels, we're figuring out ways to medicate it."

Daniel said they plan to test all 26 schools. Unit 5 plans to release the results as soon as they get them.

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