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PEORIA, Ill. — The Peoria Public Schools board approved partner contracts for schools that received the lowest-performing designation as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The mentor partners are required for all schools that fit in this category. The two partners that will be providing services to select Peoria schools are New Leaders and the Illinois Association Regional School Superintendents (IARSS).

The total cost will be $78,125 and will be funded by the school improvement grant.

New Leaders will help Manual and Peoria High Schools and the IARSS contract will support Franklin Primary, Glen Oak Community Learning Center, Lincoln, Roosevelt Magnet and Trewyn School.

Assistant Superintendent, Sandra Wilson, said the district used learning partners last year. She adds that the different schools that chose the partners found ways to fill a void.

“It’s additional support it’s another eye [and] hands to come and help our teachers and our students,” Wilson said.

In addition, the board settled with Ryan Schubert, a former Peoria Public Schools resource officer.

In 2017, Schubert allegedly made an inappropriate Facebook post that said “I am going to start urinating on Martin Luther King Jr. Statue. If I do it I will say it’s only protesting. Nothing wrong with that Right?”

Schubert was dismissed and the issue was taken to arbitration.

“We went through the mediation process and came up with a plan and actually offered the position back and during the mediation, we were able to come up with a win-win for both parties,” Peoria Public Schools superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat said.

Schubert declined to be reinstated, but he will receive $30,000 dollars back pay for suspension time and benefits.

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