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Libertarian Party is on the rise in McLean County

BLOOMINGTON, Il - Eight libertarian party candidates will be on the ballot for local races in McLean County. This is,not counting candidates running for statewide office.

According to the chairman of the McLean County Libertarian Party, the party receives an established status after at least 5 percent of residents in the county voted for Gary Johnson in the 2016 presidential elections.

"Previously you wouldn't see a lot of Libertarians on the ballot. Well that's because our requirements to get on the ballot were so high. With the same requirements as the Democrats and Republicans, we are now fielding as many candidates as the Democrats and Republicans," said Steve Suess, chairman of the McLean County Libertarian Party. 

The Libertarian Party has only gained this status in McLean County so far but Suess said he hopes it spreads across the state.


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