PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Flock Safety is one of the few systems of its kind in use for thousands of police stations in America and 140 in Illinois.

It’s a public safety operating system that helps cities work together in the pursuit of public safety.

In 2022, the unhackable devices helped the Peoria Police solve carjackings, recover stolen vehicles, solve one homicide, and arrest a suspect fleeing Peoria police.

The cameras are motion activated and allow for the comparison of license plates to state and national crime databases. Cars involved in illegal activity are detected within seconds, informing law enforcement near the area, so they can identify the vehicle in question. The cameras also have the ability to detect gunshots.

One of the most important parts of the cameras is how they help to eliminate police bias.

“Officers know to go after and perform a stop on vehicles that they’re alerted on, not just vehicles that they might think have suspicious behavior, so it really does help reduce the bias in the entire process,” said Holly Beilin, a spokeswoman for Flock Safety.

Each camera costs $2,500 per year, with a small installation fee. Plus, any and all maintenance needed for the cameras is completed usually within 48 hours by Flock Safety employees.