BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) —  A former Bloomington piano teacher is getting life in prison for multiple sexual assault charges Monday.

In April, Aaron Parlier, 41, was found guilty of one count of predatory criminal sexual assault where the victim was younger than 13, as well as nine counts of criminal sexual assault of a minor. Additional charges include one count of sexual abuse of a minor and one count of child pornography.

He received life in prison for his two predatory criminal sexual assault guilty verdicts of multiple victims. Parlier also got 15 years each for the eight criminal sexual assault charges and the verdict against him in this trial. He also got seven years each for a criminal sexual abuse charge and a child porn charge.

The rest of Parlier’s victims will no longer pursue a trial because of his sentence in this trial. 

Assistant State’s Attorney Erika Reynolds commended the victims for their “bravery and courage” to come forward. She said Parlier’s actions caused lifelong emotional damage.

“For them, it’s never really over, but hopefully this provides them a little bit of closure knowing that he cannot do this to them, and he cannot do this to anybody else in the future,” Reynolds said.

The judge denied a petition for a new trial. However, Parlier is appealing this verdict to the appellate court.

Previously, he was found guilty in October 2021 on 10 counts of child pornography and 10 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child on another victim.

Parlier is already serving time in the Illinois Department of Corrections for the outcome of his October trial.