Easterseals celebrated its 100th birthday today with a kick-off event at Limestone Community High School.

The school has been contributing to the organization 43 consecutive years raising more than 942,000 dollars. This year students and staff plan to break records.

“The biggest thing about raising money for an organization like this is you’re doing something bigger than yourself,” Limestone student body president Katelyn Sanders said.

Sanders said Easterseals is special to her because it helped her sister who has cerebral palsy.

“I cannot thank Easterseals enough for everything they’ve done for me,” she said.

Easterseals volunteer Mark Scott said he’s been coming to the assembly for over 20 years now and keeps coming back because of the students’ enthusiasm and energy.

Limestone band director Justin Bainter is amazed by the amount of support students give to Easterseals.

“The way our school rallies behind those kids and just takes them under their wing and gives to them freely is just an unbelievable effort,” Bainter said.

Sanders challenged the school to come together as one to raise enough money to break the one million dollar mark and change the lives of thousands one step at a time.