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LISTEN: Accused Waffle House shooter told Colorado dispatchers Taylor Swift was stalking him

SALIDA COUNTY, Col. (WKRN) - Accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking called police in Colorado in March 2017, saying Taylor Swift was stalking him.

This is in addition to a 2016 incident in Tazewell County.

This conversation was recorded in March 2017, when Reinking was living in Salida County, Colorado.

OPERATOR: 911 emergency.
REINKING: Um, I have somebody stalking me around town and I do not appreciate it. I want it to stop and no one seems to take me seriously when I say that. 
OPERATOR: K. And who is it that's stalking you? 
REINKING: Taylor Swift.
OPERATOR: Ok. And what is she doing that you say she's stalking you?
REINKING: Yea, I mean everywhere I go they're stalking me on the internet, they're stalking me in person. Everywhere I go. And I'm pretty sure the police here are involved in it. And like I want it to stop. It's stupid. No one has the right to do that to me. 
OPERATOR: Ok. What exactly are they doing?
REINKING: I don't know exactly how they're doing it, but somehow they're like getting on my Facebook, they're getting on my YouTube, they're getting on my Netflix and they're changing the videos I see as they pop up. 
REINKING: And then like, after I go watch this stuff then I'll, like, go out somewhere in real life and then there'll be like internet WiFi hot spots that say the same things on them. 
OPERATOR: Ok, um, I'll have an officer come meet you at your house then. 

Authorities in Colorado say this call was their only run-in with Reinking while he lived there.

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