PEORIA, Ill. — Gov. J.B. Pritzker is joining Peoria city officials in celebrating the new Peoria Innovation Hub.

The Peoria Innovation Hub, located downtown, will be dedicated to finding solutions to improve the wellness of underserved populations and advance systems related to food, farming, and transportation. It will also contain spaces for startups, corporate partners, community organizations, universities, and other stakeholders.

It is part of the larger Illinois Innovation Network and funded through a $10 million grant.

“Today, Peoria isn’t resting on your laurels but instead taking that legacy, those strengths, and building on them to propel you forward in today’s economy,” said Pritzker. “As Peoria becomes a leader among the community of Illinois cities advancing digital and health care innovation, I want to offer my appreciation to the amazing team committed to making this district a reality. You are helping secure Illinois’ place at the forefront of the 21st-century economy.”

OSF HealthCare, the University of Illinois System, Illinois Central College, and the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council are all working together to develop the hub.

The Peoria Innovation Hub is governed by a five-member Board of Directors and will be part of the IIN, a statewide initiative led by the University of Illinois System to foster the breakthrough research, discovery, and entrepreneurship that drives progress, job creation and economic growth.

“In today’s world, innovation is the key to progress, prosperity and an even better tomorrow,” said Tim Killeen, president of the U of I System. “The Illinois Innovation Network reflects our commitment to bring the world’s very best minds together and put them to work for people here in Peoria, across our state and beyond.”

All three universities in the University of Illinois System are engaged in Peoria – UIC through the College of Medicine, Urbana-Champaign through the College of Engineering’s work with the Jump Simulation and Education Center, and the University of Illinois at Springfield with its master’s and degree completion programs.