PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — As Hurricane Ian gets closer to Florida, the local branch of the American Red Cross is getting ready to help.

The American Red Cross of Illinois is watching Ian as it moves closer to the Sunshine State and collaborating with other groups, staging volunteers, and preparing supplies before the storm makes landfall.

There are already some volunteers from here in Illinois that are heading to Florida to help before, during, and after Ian strikes.

“We do have a disaster response team made up of volunteers, throughout the Illinois region, throughout the country for that matter,” said American Red Cross Of Illinois Communications Manager Brian Williamsen.- “Locally, here in the Illinois region, our disaster volunteers are trained and number of them do deploy to large disasters. Whether it’s a hurricane, whether it’s a wildfire, tornado response, things like that.”

Williamsen said that if you want to help, please reach out to the Red Cross Disaster Relief.