PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — It has gotten to the time of year where bats may be found in places they are not supposed to be, like your home. While these animals are typically harmless, they can be a health risk.

Susie Grana Ingram from the Peoria Park District said that it is important to presume the worst case scenario.

“Most bats are going to be healthy animals that aren’t going to carry a pathogen that hurts us, but some do, so just assume that’s the case that they do, and avoid getting bitten or scratched,” Ingram said.

A rabid bat was found in Peoria county on April 28. There are warning signs to be aware of when dealing with bats.

“A bat that is active during the day, that’s not responsive to human activity or that is in a place that you wouldn’t expect it to be are signs that something might be wrong with that animal,” Ingram said.

If you do find a bat in your home, its location matters on who to call. Becky Spencer, director of Peoria County Animal Protection Services, said to call them if it’s found in a living space of the home.

“We’ll go out and remove the bat from the home, we also then ask about, before the bat is released, we would ask if there was any exposure or if anyone was sleeping in the room with the bat, to determine whether or not we need to send it in to be tested for rabies,” Spencer said.

If you find a bat in a basement or attic, Spencer says to call pest control.