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Local attorney weighs in on Hudson Police firing

PEORIA, Ill - To a story we first brought you on Wednesday , community members in Hudson rallying behind a police officer who they believe was unjustly fired. They're accusing the Village's Police Department of unfair treatment. A petition circulation on social media claims a Hudson, Police Officer, Kayley Sprout, was fired because she is pregnant. 

The village of Husdon says its Police Department cannot afford to have an officer that can't perform their assignments for a prolonged period of time. One local Attorney says case laws from across the country would disagree. 

"Somebody at the beginning of a pregnancy is not going to need as much accommodation towards the tail end and so in that 9 month period you're gonna get a lot of time to tailor it," said Shaun Cusack, Attorney.

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition already had more than 1300 signatures demanding Sprout be reinstated. 

"It says Hudson residents are in line with whats been going on legally, the decisions that have been coming down in the evolving legal process regarding pregnancy discrimination," added Cusack.

Cusack who is not involved in the case says Sprout's employment must be looked at in comparison to accommodations made in the past, like police chief's 2015 lung transplant. 

Cusack explained, "You have to essentially treat a pregnant employee as you would witjh another off duty officer who happened to break his leg. "

Sprout's supporters are planning to bring this petition to the Hudson Village Board meeting on October 3rd. 

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