PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — March 14th is National Pie Day due to the math term pi, which equals 3.14. It is a special day for all those who enjoy the popular dessert.

Le Bakery, located in Peoria which specializes in an assortment of desserts, is no stranger to the holiday. Part owner Kevin Palermo discussed how pie is such a versatile food option.

“What makes pie special is that you can have one product and then make it into whatever you want, like you can put a bunch of fruit in it, you can make pretty much whatever you want,” Palermo said.

Palermo also talked about how extensive pie flavors can get.

“We have a large variety of fruit pies, and then we have our cream pies, like banana, strawberry, chocolate, some people request Oreo-stuffed pies, we got lemon meringue, people get real creative with pies,” Palermo said.

Le Bakery is on University Street and located right next door to Le Cafe.