BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — “Baking” connections; Ginger Bowers, Kitchen Manager at Ivy Lane Bakery in Downtown Bloomington, said staff at the bakery were surprised when Rivian Automotive reached out to them, asking if they could fulfill a large order for a holiday open house.

A large order… of 7,000 cookies.

“After a few days of figuring out the logistics, we said, ‘yeah we can do that for you,’ and we were so excited, we did about 6 different varieties of cookies,” said Bowers.

Staff said because of the bakeries’ size, staying organized was key.

“Each person had a different role, so we had people putting things into the oven, people taking things out of the oven, people scooping and mixing, so we just had to be really well-coordinated, and everybody was all in,” said Bowers.

“We get in each other’s way a lot, but we definitely had to work together,” said Employee Macy Lane.

Bowers added, staff worked overtime to fulfill the order, coming in early, and leaving late, but are happy Rivian chose to support a local business when placing their order.

“That’s huge, it helps to get our name out there, we got orders from some of the employees because they liked the cookies that they sampled there, and so it’s just awesome that they’re reaching out to the community,” said Bowers.

She said they’re grateful to be a part of the Twin Cities community.

“The community has just supported us hugely the past four years, and we’ve just grown and grown, and the fact that we’re able to do this huge order for Rivian, is just awesome,” said Bowers.

Regarding the order, a statement from Rivian Community Outreach Manager Laura Ewan reads: “We always look for ways to partner with the local community when hosting employee events at our plant and other Rivian sites. Community is core to Rivian, and we look forward to more opportunities in 2022.”