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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — During the nights of civil unrest back in June, many businesses boarded up their doors and windows for safety reasons, now the city is asking for the boards to come down.

The Peoria Community Development Department sent out a request Friday for businesses to cooperate and remove the boards from storefronts by August 14th.

Ross Black, community development director, said the city, thankfully, hasn’t seen damage being done to buildings since early June. He said the majority of places that were boarded up have removed their boards but there are still a few left covered.

“This is just a notice that we’ve sent out encouraging businesses to really show that they are open for business and ready for customers to come back by taking down the boards,” Black said.

Black said he’s heard some people in the public aren’t sure if some businesses are even still open because they’re still boarded up.

“It just doesn’t give the impression of ‘here we are, come on in and do some shopping,” Black said.

He said taking down the boards will help clear up the confusion and make the area look more pleasant. Black said the notice to take the boards down is a request rather than a mandate.

“If some of the businesses still have boards up then what we’ll do is we’ll go out and we’ll talk to them and we’ll find out what the situation is,” Black said. “There may be extenuating circumstances.”

Black said they don’t want to make this an enforcement but rather encourage businesses to open back up.

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