Local care center announces closure, some residents & employees say it comes as a shock

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A local nursing home is closing its doors.

Some residents and employees there say, the announcement comes as a shock.

Prairie View Care Center in Lewistown has been a part of the community for decades. Many residents call it home and many people in town are employed there. That’s why Tuesday’s announcement has some of them feeling left in the dark.

“To find out they’re going to shut the place down it was a slap in the face.” Joe Cantrall says.

Cantrall’s wife has been living at Prairie View Care Center since July as she recovers from a stroke.

“The doctor wanted her to come here for physical therapy so she could come back home.” Cantrall explains.

But, the journey home took a turn Tuesday when Cantrall got the call that the nursing facility would be closing.

“Very angry. My wife’s my whole thing right now.” Cantrall says.

About 50 residents live at the care center and it employs about 70 people from the small community. Traci Banks works in the kitchen at Prairie View, and her mom before her, in her family working at the home is practically a rite of passage.

“Even my grandmas worked here.” Banks explains.

She got the news Tuesday that she may no longer have a job from a coworker.

“You become attached to the residents and you know everyone else you become friends with everyone that works there, it’s like your family, so it’s hard.” Banks says.

Certified Health Management owns prairie view and three other nursing homes, including a location in Canton. Its CEO says the decision was difficult, but it can no longer meet its financial obligations, blaming a lack of support from the state and low occupancy. He says its first priority is providing other options for its residents and employees.

As Robert Roddis prepares to move his 92-year-old mom, he hopes this won’t set her back.

“It’s kind of become home to a certain extent and she’s got really, really close to a few of the nurses in there.” Roddis says.

Certified Health Management maintains it is fully compliant with all the health care regulations and that residents will have 90 days to move. It is working to place some of its residents at its Canton location.

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