BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Many are shocked to learn State Farm has ended its Matching Gift program for retired associates and agents.

According to the company’s website, retirees will no longer be eligible for the Matching Gift program. It’s a program where retirees can donate to a non-profit organization, school district, or university, and the company will match it.

Many non-profits locally depend on this program for some source of funding including the McLean County Museum of History downtown.

Director of Development, Norris Porter said a lot of the museum’s funding and means of staying open is due to the generosity of private donors. Porter said he was saddened to hear about State Farm’s decision but is hopeful given their philanthropic history.

“They’ve been very good to a lot of non-profits for a long time so I can’t see that changing. We’ve been very appreciative and look forward to seeing what these changes are going to bring about,” Porter said.

Porter said around 70% of their charitable donations come from private citizens and not corporations.

“You can never count on corporate generosity, you appreciate it when you get it and I’m actually hoping to see if this is a bigger recalibrating for State Farm in terms of how they’re going to work with their philanthropy,” Porter said.

State Farm declined an interview, but sent WMBD a statement that reads:

“We continue to offer our matching gift program to current associates. We are communicating directly with our associates and retirees and have nothing additional to share.”

Gina Morss Fischer, public affairs specialist

State Farm continues to partner with area non-profits; including Wednesday when employees volunteered to pack food bags for Midwest Food Bank in Normal.