PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Over the weekend and into Valentine’s Day, people may have noticed some tents in Peoria with people selling Valentine’s Day gifts.

The proceeds from those gifts are going to the non-profit Light of the World’s Church on Arcadia Avenue.

Volunteers were looking to raise money for a new playground for children to play at the church.

Planning the weekend event for the last month, volunteers put together Valentine’s gift baskets for people to purchase for their loved ones. The baskets cost anywhere from $10 to $70.

For those who haven’t seen these tents in the past, this isn’t the first time the church’s volunteers have fundraised like this.

“I love seeing everybody enjoy and volunteer because it’s for a good purpose. When you see the faces of the person that they [give gifts to say], oh you have this it’s so beautiful, I love everything about that, it’s fun and it’s a blessing too,” said volunteer Maria Guzman.

The fundraiser ended on Tuesday, Feb. 14, but they also do fundraisers for Easter and other holidays year-round.