PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Illinois is experiencing a high in recreational marijuana sales.

In 2021, the state reported $1.3 billion dollars in adult-use cannabis sales. That figure is twice as much as nearly $670 million dollars in 2020.

Some of the tax dollars associated with recreational marijuana dollars are going directly to local communities.

“It’s a cannabis-use tax, that’s a portion of the overall sales of cannabis tax, and then we have a local sales tax as well that we’ve imposed,” said Patrick Urich, Peoria city manager.

From January of 2021 through November, Peoria city manager Patrick Urich said the city collected $153,000 through the state cannabis-use tax. That number is up from $89,000 dollars in 2020.

Urich said after funds are collected for December, he expects a 90 percent increase year-to-year.

“These monies go into the general fund so the support the operations of the police department and our fire department, they support the operations of community development and public works,” Urich said.

Leaders with the City of Bloomington said they’ve also benefited from state cannabis sales.

“While state law prohibits the disclosing of sales activity for individual businesses, the City of Bloomington has experienced a material positive impact from this activity”.

Scott Rathbun, Bloomington finance director

Urich said more businesses have expressed desires to open dispensaries in Peoria. He said he expects requests to increase in 2022.