Local contractors discuss next steps in Taft Homes redevelopment

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Local laborers and contractors met with developers at the Peoria Housing Authority’s Contractor’s Open House Wednesday, discussing the next steps in beginning construction at Taft Homes.

In partnership with real estate group Bear Development, Peoria Housing Authority offered information regarding contract bidding and an updated timeline.

Bear’s Vice President of Development, Adam Templer, said the purpose of this open house is to be open with local contractors and offer information about bidding.

“The intent is not to bring people from outside of Peoria to do the work, the intent is for the Peoria companies to the work,” Templer said.

He said they’re planning to begin bidding on contractors in early May, making sure to use local and minority-owned companies for labor and resources.

“Sometimes with larger developments the smaller contractors, minority contractors, section three contractors are not in the position to bid competitively on projects,” Templer said. “So we want to make sure we take great care to give all different contractors the opportunity.”

Templer said the new 27 buildings and 142 units will replace all current structures, and will be completed in phases, ensuring the 100 residents of Taft Homes are not displaced during the process.

“A key piece of the redevelopment is the resident’s right to return,” Templer said. “They’re being accommodated during the first phase of construction, a new home will be built for them.”

Templer said he expects construction to begin early August.

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