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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) —  Leap day is a day we won’t see again until 2024 as it only comes around once every four years.

Even though it’s a day that doesn’t exist on the calendar most of the time, it’s one that some couples are using to take a special leap of their very own.

Couples like Brock and Lindsey Parkhurst who officially tied the proverbial knot Saturday and became a united front.

“When it came to time for us to be married we knew that we wanted something that really stood out for us and our family,” Brock Parkhurst said. “It’s not just a celebration for us but for all of our friends and family.”

The newlyweds said they’ve dated for the past 13 years and because they view themselves as a unique couple, they said they wanted a wedding day to reflect that. Linsdey said after looking at the calendar, she felt leap day was a perfect day to unite with her other half.

“He really just kind of completes me and we’re complete opposites but together we’re one whole,” Lindsey Parkhurst said. “I couldn’t imagine being with someone else.”

The couple said they’ve planned this day and date a year in advance were surprised that their families were more excited about choosing Leap Day as their wedding day than they were.

“It’s a unique date and I’m happy for my son because he only has every four years,” Denise Parkhurst, Brock’s mother, said.

“We are so excited,” Billye Sue Graves, Lindsey’s mother, said. “These two have been together for 13 years and it’s been a long wait.”

Even though the official date of their ceremony won’t be recognized for another four years, the happy couple said that it doesn’t matter as their bond is stronger than a day marked on a calendar.

“We are a united front and we’ll always be together for each other and supporting each other,” Lindsey said.

There’s also a question for couples who get married on Leap Day of whether or not they celebrate their anniversary every year or every four years. Lindsey and Brock said their compromise is they’re going to take a big trip every four years to celebrate their anniversary.

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