PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — COVID-19 testing centers in Central Illinois are seeing an abundance of people wanting to get tested.

The three testing sites for the Center for COVID Control (CCC) in Peoria have seen more tests than ever, just in the last few days. Nationally, the trend continues according to the founder.

“A month ago exactly we were about 8,000 tests a day with about 300 locations. Today, yesterday actually, we ended the day with 85,000 tests,” said Ali Syed, founder of CCC.

With both rapid and PCR testing, in Peoria alone, they see about 800 tests a day, but they are still able to keep up with all the people wanting COVID-19 results.

CCC’s Head of Logistics and Shipping Jeremy Parker said, “There’s never been an issue where they’ve run short, due to proper forecasting.”

But while rapid testing used to get people results in 15 minutes at their locations, now it is taking a large portion of the day.

Leaders of the CCC also said that it is important to recognize that employees who are at the forefront of stopping the spread of COVID-19 are also getting infected more often.

“We’re the first people who get attacked by the virus, so we have more employees that test positive than any other industry,” said Syed.

Although they face difficulties with the job, the founder opened 320 centers in 11 months, providing thousands of new jobs across the country.

Syed said, “We were able to provide over 3,000 jobs for people who otherwise would’ve been laid off because of COVID.”