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Local educator awarded "teacher of the year" by Junior Achievement of Central Illinois

Benson, Ill. - The Junior Achievement of Central Illinois named a Roanoke-Benson Junior High School teacher as teacher of the year.

It's a story that's making us Central Illinois Proud. 

Kyle Fellner, who has been teaching at the junior high for five years, said JACL is a great program that launches students forward in their financial success and understanding. 

"Being from a small school and being a teacher in a small school, I just love the small school climate," said Fellner. "So, most importantly, the recognition just shows that what we're doing helps and that kids are learning some very important skills for the future."

Fellner teaches language arts and a number of other courses to both 7th and 8th graders.

"I still can't really grasp the whole thing but it's extremely humbling," said Fellner. "Junior Achievement is a great program. They're the nicest people ever. I can't say I'm deserving of this because JACL does so much amd volunteers...it means a lot. Very rewarding."

Fellner will be recognized in a banquet in February. 

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