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Local educators disagree with Trewyn Therapeutic program

PEORIA, Il. - Peoria Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat sent a letter to Trewyn parents Tuesday saying Kindergarten would move to Harrison Community Learning Center beginning next year. The move allows for the expansion of the Trewyn Therapeutic Program. Students in the Trewyn boundary would be able to return to the school the following year. Families with one student going to Harrison can elect to send all of their students and make it their new home school. 

Dr. Kherat says the expansion of the therapeutic program will have a significant positive impact on the 61605 community. 

While the expansion to the Trewyn Therapeutic Program has multiple city services and resources excited to be on board, some educators are not.

After Tuesdays announcement, the Peoria Federation of Teachers Local 780 union took to Facebook.

Complaining that kindergarten students will be moved out of Trewyn school for these agencies to move in.

The post goes on to say wrap-around services are supposed to "wrap-around" the students where they are - not displace them.

The union says quote, "Every school in Peoria public schools should have ample wrap-around services. Filling schools to capacity until there's no room left for said services won't get the job done. Better planning is needed - planning that includes principals, parents, community members, board members."

WMBD reached out to union President Jeff Adkins Dutro, he has not responded to our messages.

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