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Hundreds of thousands of Illinois jobs are supported by exported goods.

WMDB went to a local business Thursday that contributes to our local and global economy through trade. 

“If I didn’t have the exports, it’d be tough,” says Randy Price, Enviro-Safe VP. “We couldn’t have built what we have here now.”

For Randy Price, the vice president of Enviro-Safe, he says creating a new product and providing jobs to local people pushes him to continue to innovate. 

“The new product that we did invent, right now, it’s mainly in the US and now we want to expand it export wise, says Price. “We haven’t pushed it export wise, but that’s a way we’re going.”

They draw up and materialize refrigeration items and then sell their products to countries like Canada, which is one of their top clients.

“The other countries that we go to is the UK,” says Price. “We also go to Spain. We go to Germany. We also do a lot in South America also.”

Central Illinois has a strong basis in exporting goods through names like Caterpillar, Keystone and Komatsu. 

Chris Setti, of the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council says Peoria alone, makes up 11%of the state’s exports.

“If we are the second largest exporting community in Illinois, there’s a lot of jobs here that depend on that foreign trade, says Chris Setti. 

Along with the Fortune 500 companies, it’s determined businesses like Enviro-Safe in Pekin that continue to push central Illinois towards the top of the state’s impact on the global economy. 

“So yeah, that’s the big takeaway,” says Setti. “$7.3 billion. That’s a big number. That’s a big number and that’s why Peoria, and this area, is so important to Illinois in general and by extension, the entire country.”

More than 75% of the jobs in Illinois are supported by manufacturing efforts. 

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