Between church, egg hunting, and family time, it’s hard to find time to prepare an Easter dinner. That’s why many Central Illinois families opted to let someone else do the cooking Sunday.

Nick Robertson is the general manager of Bernardi’s in Washington. He says Easter is the restaurant’s second biggest day of the year, after Mother’s Day.

While some dine-in, others take their orders to-go.

“We are actually taking food back to my mother who doesn’t like to get out and eat at restaurants,” says Becky Davis of Washington.

Robertson says times are changing and schedules are becoming busier, so families are breaking from the traditional family dinner.

“It makes it easier on families,” says Robertson. “They don’t have to clean up; they don’t have to cook.”

Robertson says his favorite thing about the holiday is the cheer it brings.

“People are more patient, people are happier generally speaking. You get little to no complaints about anything.”