Local grocery store manager says stores are prepared and there’s no need to stockpile products

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A local grocery store manager says there’s no need to stock up on products ahead of the latest mitigation restrictions.

Sheridan Village Hy-Vee Store Manager Elise Scheil says her store is prepared. She says after shortages earlier this year, they ordered more products for the store to avoid selling out.

“We’ve really been stockpiling since this summer in our distribution centers just in case we had a spike in cases so we’d be more prepared than in the spring,” said Scheil.

Paper items, sanitizing items, and canned goods are in supply.

“We’ve had six months, four to six months, to get ready and just make sure that we continue to take safe practices and be in stock, have offerings in different categories, and be sanitized and safe,” said Scheil.

She says you’ll still be able to get what you need, but it may look a little different.

“Our corporate distribution centers have worked to procure toilet paper, paper towels, essentials that we need. It’s just not necessarily the name brands, so you’ll see different brands across the board but we will have toilet paper, and we will have paper towels and items like that,” said Scheil.

Scheil says there’s the ability to buy in excess, but limits on products may be put in place if people begin to stockpile.

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