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Local hero, Nick Riordan, laid to rest

Wife delivers heartfelt eulogy

PEORIA, Ill. - Wednesday the Peoria Fire Department family laid a brother and hero to rest.

Nick Riordan died at 34 years old after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

Heroes teach us many things. Riordan was a hero.

"Nick wants to thank all of you. You helped him and allowed him to live his dream. He was living his dream, what he'd always wanted to do since he was a little boy. He wanted to thank you guys for that." A Peoria firefighter said to the crowd.

Riordan was a true firefighter.

"He dedicated his life to take care of other people in every aspect. Whether that was medical, fire, at home, or somebody just needed help, he would be there no questions asked."

He was a father.

"Kids, he loved you with his whole heart. Every last beat. Although those beats stopped, his love didn't," Nick's wife, Sarah, said to her children in her eulogy. "He will be with you every step of your life. He had so much he wanted to teach you and so much left to do with you."

He was a husband.

"I always dreamed of the knight in shining armor. What little girl doesn't? But what I found was something better. Someone who saved me. A hero, a man of God, someone who loved me with every last breath." Sarah says of Nick.

Wednesday, Nick got a good bye fit for a hero.

"Selfishly, my favorite fire that's still burning is the fire you lit and let take over throughout my soul. It will never be extinguished." Sarah says.

It's true, heroes teach us many things.

"You may not always see it and it may not always be evident, but there is always good. You can always find the good in something." Nick said of his cancer journey before he passed away.

This hero reminded us how to live.

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