Local law enforcement learns about a new tool to subdue suspects

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PEORIA, Ill — Law enforcement across Central Illinois are learning about a new tool for the job.
The Bolawrap is a small hand-held contraption used to subdue a suspect, and you don’t have to be spider man to use it.

This is a Bolawrap and it could soon be on the hip of officers across Central Illinois.

It is about the size of your phone and with the push of a button, it quickly shoots a strong tether rope that wraps around a suspect’s body and takes them down. Vice president of training for Wrap Technologies, Rick Guilbault explains how the process works.

“It kinda precedes handcuffs. It’s a way to safely restrain somebody from up to 25 feet away, and it gives the opportunity for officers to move in and restrain the person in handcuffs without risk of further injury or having to go hands-on with a combative person,” said Rick Guilbault, vice president of training for Wrap Technologies.

Guilbault says the tool was developed to deal with people who may hurt themselves or others.

“That was the original motivation for the development of the product was a way to deal with people in a mental health crisis, cause that is a very prevalent thing that law enforcement needs to deal with,” said Guilbault.

Chief Tony Maxison at the Eureka College police department likes the idea.

“This is something that I would love to have, I’d love for my officers to have, yeah this is something that I’d love to have on campus,” said Tony Maxison, chief of police at the Eureka College police department.

Maxison says it’s another way to get the job done right.

“I think it’s an effective tool, less than lethal, that’s always good for law enforcement when trying to rectify a situation, any situation,” said Maxison.

Bolawrap is not for sale to the public, it’s for law enforcement only.

Link to Bolawrap website

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