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Congress made a tentative budget agreement for the border wall Monday evening. President Donald Trump requested 5.7 billion dollars, but the tentative budget is only allotting approximately 1.4 billion for the barrier.

Republican Representative Darin LaHood says he does not think 1.4 billion is enough for border security.

“If we wanna secure our southern border we need to have the resources there, uh to make sure that we’re stopping illegal drugs from coming across the border, illegal immigration, suspected terrorists, uh so we have to put money and resources to our southern border,” LaHood said.

President Trump said he’s unhappy with the agreement, but hasn’t ruled out signing it. The deal has to be officially approved by Friday to avoid another partial government shutdown.

Associate professor of political science, Megan Remmel, said she isn’t sure what he’s going to do, but hopes we don’t have another government shut down.

“I don’t want the government to shut down, I don’t think people want the government to shut down,” Remmel said.

In a statement, Democratic Representative, Cheri Bustos said, “I’m hopeful that the reported compromise will move forward to avoid another reckless government shutdown.”

“I don’t think a government shut down is the right approach to take. It should be the last resort, I hope that doesn’t happen, uh we saw what happened the last time,” LaHood said.

Although Representative LaHood doesn’t want another government shutdown, he still believes there should be more funding to build a barrier.

“I’m all for compromising and finding areas we can work together, but bottom line is we give a lot of money to foreign aid every year, we give a lot of money to lots of programs, you know five billion dollars is not a lot to ask when talking about securing our border,” he said.

The amount of money lawmakers are looking at to fund that barrier would equate to about 55 miles of new fencing along the order. President Trump would like 215 miles.

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